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Paint Zoom Review – Should you buy Paint Zoom or not?

Paint Zoom review: great benefits that come with the Paint Zoom sprayer

Paint Zoom review

Paint Zoom review

Are you a painter interested in making your job smooth and fast? If so, you really need to grab a quality Paint Zoom. This is a unique instrument that can make your painting job very easy and pleasurable. You simply pull a trigger on the instrument and watch the entire surface properly painted in the timely fashion. This Paint Zoom review will focus on the benefits of using Paint Zoom


There are lots of fringe benefits that come with the Paint Zoom sprayer. Here are some of them and you will probably find them confirmed in any Paint Zoom review you could find online.


  • With the instrument you’ll never need to worry about seeing lots of strokes and uneven spaces on the surfaces painted. This is because, the instrument as an amazing sprayer is properly designed to make painting works very smooth and clean.


  • Paint Zoom is also very beneficial since it can be used on all kinds of surfaces such as woods, concreted, ceilings, shutters, bricks, stuccos and so on. You simply get the surface ready and watch the instrument perform wonders on it.


  • Paint Zoom is very economical when you make use of it. This is true because it saves paints from spilling away. Since the mechanism works by spraying, the instrument also saves you lots of paint in the process. You don’t have to wait long hours for the paint to dry. As you’re spraying, the drying is taking place. You can read any other Paint Zoom review and it will confirm this.


  • The Paint Zoom kit or box comes with free gifts you can also use in getting your surface ready. For instance, you’ll receive free painter’s tape and free drop cloths which also helps you to clean up when you’re done with your painting.


  • Paint Zoom is easy to maintain always. After your painting work with it, you don’t need to worry about going to the sink to wash the instrument. All you need is to use warm water with detergent to rinse the entire unit.


  • You’re sure not to encounter back, arm and neck pain when you use the sprayer. You don’t need to bend up and down to use it. This protects your health as you go about your painting job. Any other Paint Zoom review will confirm this!


  • You don’t need to worry about unused paint in the container of the sprayer when you need to go for a break. The paint inside the container can stay for as long as you want it provided there’s no outlet to let air inside the unit.


  • The Paint Zoom sprayer is also very portable and light in weight. You can easily carry it around to do your painting job without worrying about pains in the back or in the arm.


In all, Paint Zoom is also very affordable. The standard version comes with one year warranty while the Paint Zoom Platinum version comes with 5 years warranty. You’ll always enjoy the best of painting jobs when you go for any of them. This is the end of the short Paint Zoom review but you will find a more detailed Paint Zoom review below.


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Paint Zoom Review – All You Need to Know! A full and detailed Paint Zoom review!


Are you a painter thinking of taking your career to the next level? You’ve really got to discover an awesome sprayer popularly known as Paint zoom. In this unique Paint Zoom review, get set to discover every bit of information you need about the equipment.

Indeed, there are lots of reviews already written about Paint Zoom. Yet, many of them are still scanty in the quality of information they have about the sprayer. You’re going to locate the right kind of information about the sprayer in this unique Paint Zoom review. It has been properly prepared to unravel all you need to know about the product.

In the unique Paint Zoom review, you’re going to be discovering what exactly the Paint Zoom is and all that goes with it. You’re also going to be learning about how the sprayer works in the painting career. This is sure to launch you to another level of experience in your job as a painter.

This Paint Zoom review also unravels the vital components that make up the Paint zoom box or package. You’ll also discover the vital parts that constitute the paint zoom as equipment. Every single component of the product is very vital especially when making use of it.

Again, this Paint Zoom review reveals how you can set up Paint Zoom especially when you purchase it newly. You’ll also discover whether the sprayer is good for all kinds of surfaces or not. There’s a lot you need to know about preparing your surface for paint Zoom. You’re sure to get that as you go through this Paint Zoom review.


This informative Paint Zoom review also reveals all you need to know about the standard and platinum versions of the sprayer. This helps you in making the right choice of the kind of equipment to go for. You’ll also get to know about the warranty that comes with the two versions as you go on with this Paint Zoom review.

What’s more? You’re still going to be learning how to maintain your Paint Zoom on periodic basis. When the equipment encounters a problem, there’s always what to do in order to put it back into action. You’re sure to discover all of that in this great Paint Zoom review. Now, let’s begin! Happy Reading!


Paint Zoom review – What exactly Paint Zoom is?

In a simple language, Paint Zoom is a light weight paint sprayer that can be used for all kinds of painting works. It’s designed to help painters carry out their jobs in an easy manner. You’re sure to have lots of fun as you make use of the product. This Paint Zoom review lets you know about the product and how best to put it into good use.

If you’re thinking of completing a painting job in a timely fashion, then, you’ve got to locate Paint Zoom. The instrument can handle interior and exterior painting in a very unique way. Gone are the days when you have to use only your paint brush and the roller to carry out a painting job. You may end up wasting the whole of your day in the process. But with a quality Paint Zoom, you’ll no longer worry about completing the task very fast. The instrument is designed to help you do any kind of painting job in a very easy manner. You simply have fun while carrying out your normal painting job.


In this Paint Zoom review, you’ll discover how portable the equipment is. Paint zoom has a very light weight. In most cases, it weighs just about 4 pounds. Hence, you don’t need to worry about having back or neck pains when you carry out painting jobs. You can easily carry the Paint Zoom around since it’s known to be very portable. No more pains as you go about using the equipment.

Painting job can be a fun activity when you use Paint Zoom instead of a brush or roller. You simply find yourself performing at a great speed beyond your wildest imagination. Your painting job can easily turn to a nice hobby when you succeed in locating a quality Paint Zoom you can always make use of. With the instrument, you can easily paint the inside or outside of a house in a very simple and easy manner. All you need to know is to pull the trigger on the equipment and then have the surface well sprayed with the right paint.

In this Paint Zoom review, you’ll learn about the most convenient way of carrying out painting jobs using the instrument. It’s always a thing of joy to carry out a painting job without encountering muscle strain and fatigue. This is actually the case when you make use of Paint Zoom. You don’t need to worry about using a roller or brush any longer since the instrument can easily spray the whole surface area with the right paint.


The Mode of Operation for Paint Zoom

The next information you need to know in this Paint Zoom review is to discover how the equipment actually works. It’s one thing to have Paint Zoom but it’s yet another different ball game to know exactly how it operates. Actually, Paint Zoom usually showcases with a nice canister which you can fill up with the right paint you want to use. The standard version of the instrument comes with a 650 watt motor for maximum efficiency. With this motor which is attached to the pump motor, paint can easily be sprayed through the hose and the nozzle tip of the instrument. This is sure to make your painting job very clean and appealing. The instrument helps you to work very smart without working too hard unnecessarily.


Surfaces where Paint Zoom can be used

This Paint Zoom review also examines the kind of surfaces where the instrument can be used upon. Actually, Paint Zoom works on a variety of surfaces. You can use it on surfaces such as wood, concrete, stucco, brick, walls and so on. All you need is to make sure the sprayer is working in good condition. You can easily use it to spray the right paint on such surfaces listed above. This saves you all the troubles usually encountered when brush is used in painting such surfaces.


The Pros of Paint Zoom

Paint Zoom review cannot be complete without a detail look at the benefits that come with the instrument. Paint Zoom has come to remain very vital equipment for any serious painter who thinks of soaring higher in his career. You can’t do without the instrument especially in the recent times where speed and quality are very important in the painting industry.

Paint Zoom is far more superior to rollers and paint brushes. You can easily accomplish lots of painting jobs very fast with Paint Zoom other than using a paint brush and roller. The issue of bending up and down is now an old story with the introduction of Paint Zoom. You simply put the instrument into action and then stand to watch the entire surface thoroughly painted. All you need is to guide the instrument into the right direction during the painting session.

The portability of the instrument speaks volumes. Paint zoom is known to be very light weight in nature. As a painter, you can easily carry it about without having any kind of hand or leg pain. The instrument can easily become your closest companion as you go about your painting job. It helps you to work freely without spending all the day in your painting job. You can always steal out enough time to engage in other activities when you do your painting job with Paint Zoom.

This Paint Zoom review lets you know the need for the instrument all the time. You no longer need to waste your hard earned money purchasing rollers; drip pans and brushes since Paint Zoom can easily do all the jobs you have at hand. You can comfortable say “To hell with brushes and rollers”. With Paint Zoom, you not only complete your work in a timely fashion, you still have a feeling of fulfillment when you gaze at the nice job the instrument does.

Time is money in any venture you engage in. you can’t waste the whole of your time and day in just a single painting job. You may end up starving yourself and family to death when you do so. Paint Zoom is therefore made available to help you complete whatever painting job you may have in time in order to have enough time to attend to other jobs you may also have. Thus, one can say that, Paint Zoom also helps you to grab enough money since you can easily complete any given painting job in time and still have enough time to engage in other job offers that may be waiting for you.

Having seen the benefits, now let’s look at how Paint Zoom overshadows many other sprayers out there in the market.


Paint Zoom and Other Sprayers – A comparative Paint Zoom review

In this Paint Zoom review, it’s very necessary to look at Paint Zoom in relation to some other sprayers out there. As a quality sprayer itself, Paint Zoom competes with other sprayers used in the painting job. However, there’s a big difference between Paint Zoom and many other sprayers.

One of the major differences is speed. Paint Zoom carries out its work in a very speedy manner than the rest of the sprayers. You don’t need to worry about wasting time. The instrument does the job for you in a timely fashion. The components that make up Paint Zoom are always known to be in top gear during any kind of spraying job. This helps the instrument to be on the top of its job always.

Again, Paint Zoom is easy to operate than many other sprayers out there. All you need is to set it up well and then go ahead to pull the trigger. Before you know it, the entire surface is well covered with paints.

When it comes to maintenance, Paint Zoom is also superior to many other sprayers. It is quiet easy to maintain especially if you can always rise and wash it up after usage. Even if it develops a problem along the line, you can easily troubleshoot the equipment and put it back to use. This gives it an edge over many other sprayers out there. In this Paint Zoom review we will provide you even more reasons to justify this.


What about the Price?

This Paint Zoom review cannot be complete without a look at the price of the instrument. Currently, there two major versions of Paint Zoom; namely the Standard and Platinum versions. Their prices vary according to various dealers. Currently the average price for Paint Zoom stands at $400. In most cases, the price includes the shipping and handling. However, note that the price varies according to various dealers. Again, the price may also change in the future based on what goes on in the economy of the nations.

In any case, one thing you’re of is that Paint Zoom is affordable. When looking for the equipment to purchase, always make sure you purchase from reliable dealers especially online. You can always have it very cheap when you take time to locate the right dealers.

Indeed, the benefits of Paint Zoom cannot be exhausted in this Paint Zoom review. You need to purchase the equipment and discover the benefits practically. Every serious painter who desires to get to the next level in his painting career ought to go for this unique instrument. It’s easy to become a professional painter when you have equipment like this. You can easily turn your painting job into a fulfilling hobby when you succeed in getting a reliable Paint Zoom. Your job is sure to become very pleasurable and interesting.


The Contents of the Paint Zoom Package

There’s no way this Paint Zoon review can be complete without a thorough excursus on the components that make up the equipment. In the first place, you have to know that Paint Zoom comes in a box when you buy it newly. The package is made up the following:

  • The Paint Zoom unit
  • Hose
  • Strap for carrying the equipment
  • Viscosity measuring cup
  • Painting cup
  • 1 cleaning utensil
  • 2 free drip clothes,
  • Free border tape
  • Free trim tape
  • Lightweight spray gun and
  • The Instruction manual


The above listed components are what you must look out for in any Paint Zoom Box. Every single component listed above is very vital for the operation of the equipment. The instruction manual is the most important component you must study. Never claim you’ve known it all. Make sure you take time to go through the manual in order to discover how best to make use of the product always. Pay attention to the precautions you need to take in order to make use of the equipment very well.


The Complete Parts of the Paint Zoom

Apart from the components that make up the Paint Zoom box, the unit itself is a bundle of parts. There are about 14 different components or parts you’ll always notice in a Paint Zoom. Let’s outline them:


  1. Air Cap rig
  2. Spray gun
  3. Spray pattern adjuster
  4. The O-ring
  5. Nozzle
  6. Nut
  7. Gasket
  8. Paint flow adjuster
  9. Viscosity cup
  10. Pickup tube
  11. Motor base
  12. Spray gun holder
  13. Hose and
  14. The Paint Container

Each of the parts listed above is very vital for the smooth operation of the entire unit. When anyone of them malfunctions, there’s likely to be a problem. However, you’ll still discover how to troubleshoot the common problems as you go on with this Paint Zoom review.


Paint Zoom and the Paints

Paint Zoom requires paints or stains to work effectively. There’s no way you can use the unit without pouring paint into the paint container. This Paint Zoom review lets you know the kind of paint that can be used in the unit. Just know that, Paint Zoom can actually work with variety of paints and stains. For instance, it can be used with varnishes, fence and deck stains, latex, sealers, water paints, automotive paints and wood preservatives. Paint Zoom can easily be used with any these stains or paints provided you use them according to rules. However, there’s one exception: Paint Zoom cannot work well with textured paints. This is because of the aggressive and uncoordinated nature of such paints. When you use Paint Zoom with textured paint, the unit is likely to experience premature tear and wear. This can easily void the warranty given on the product especially if you’re still using it newly.


A Look at the Standard and Platinum versions of Paint Zoom

This Paint Zoom review may not be complete without a cursory look at the two versions of Paint Zoom. Currently, we have the Standard and Platinum versions. The Standard version came out first. The Platinum version is a kind of upgrade on what is obtainable in the standard version. Let’s examine the actual benefits that come with the Paint Zoom Platinum.

The Paint Zoom Platinum has extra 25% power when compared with the standard version. It comes with 800 watts motor as against the 650 watts of the standard version. This makes the Platinum version very fast and efficient than the standard version.

The Platinum version is meant for heavy painting jobs because of its higher power capacity. You can always use it to work on interior and exterior surfaces that require much attention.

The Platinum version comes with 5 years warranty instead of the normal 1 year warranty of the Standard version. This puts you in a great advantage when you succeed in purchasing the Platinum version. If the unit develops an unusual problem, you can easily return it to the manufacturer while you’re given a brand new one. In most cases, the warranty doesn’t covers both the cost of shipping and handling.

Well from the above comparison, it’s very clear that Paint Zoom Platinum is costlier than the normal standard version. If you’re new to the painting job, it’s better for you to begin with the standard version. When you must have mastered the unit well, you’re sure to have enough cash which you can then use in purchasing the Platinum version. In any case, both versions are always very good for any kind of painting job.


Setting up Your Paint Zoom

The next information you need to gather in this Paint Zoom review is how to set up the Paint Zoom when you have it. You don’t need to crack your brain when you want to set the equipment up for operations. All you need is to follow the simple guide discussed below.

  • Get the hose uncoiled and attach one of the air hose to the back of the spray gun.
  • You’ll then hook the other end up to the unit and twist the hose in order to secure it well.
  • Make sure the air hoses are well tight to avoid air loss

Once you’re able to follow these steps stated above, you’re sure to give the motors of the paint zoom maximum room to carry out the spray job very well. You can then position the hose in any direction you want to spray on the surface. Before you know it, the whole surface is properly covered with paint.


Getting Your Material Ready for Paint Zoom

In getting your paint or stain ready for Paint Zoom, you need to follow these simple steps that any Paint Zoom review will confirm:

  • Be sure the material is up to the right viscosity level when you pour it into the paint container. Viscosity refers to how thin or thick the paint or stain is. You need to test this on a cardboard paper before doing the actually painting on the surface you have in mind. Once the viscosity is correct, you’ll be sure the surface will be properly coated.
  • Make sure you stir the paint well before you measure the viscosity. The next thing to do is to use the viscosity cup in the paint and then hold it up in order to measure the time it takes to empty the liquid out of the cup. This is what is known as the run out time. In most cases, this run out time depends on the kind of paint or material you’re using.


Getting the Surface Ready for Paint Zoom

The next point to discuss in this Paint Zoom review is how to get the surface you want to work on ready for the equipment. Paint Zoom is always at its best when the surface is properly prepared. Here are the steps you need to take.

  • Use water, detergent. Rag and brush to scrub the surface very well so that dust, grime, grease or any other foreign particle are properly removed.
  • Use sandpaper to clean a surface that has old paints on it.
  • Protect the surface with the drop cloth and make sure you cover all the outlets from intrusion.
  • Trim the surface with the painter’s tape that is supplied with your Paint Zoom package.
  • Make sure you wear your painting mask in order to protect yourself against spray particles when you begin the spraying. You can equally use your inhaler to cover your nose and get yourself properly protected.
  • Get a window open especially if you’re working on an interior surface. This helps the paint to dry easily as you spray.


Steps on Filling the Paint Container of the Paint Zoom

Here are the steps you need to take when you want to fill the paint container of the Paint Zoom.

Follow any step you read in this Paint Zoom review and everything will be great:


  • Get the paint container unscrewed from the spray gun
  • Fill the container with the paint or stain you desire to use
  • Don’t overfill the container to avoid spillage
  • Push back the pickup tube and fix the container back to the base. Make sure you screw it back appropriately.


Spraying with the Paint Zoom

There are many ways you can use when it comes to spraying with Paint Zoom. This Paint Zoom review can only give you some clues. For instance, you can begin by positioning the spray gun in a perpendicular fashion 1 foot away from the surface. However, this actually depends on the spray pattern you’re using. Then, you can go ahead to press the trigger on the spray gun in order to start the spraying. Always make sure you keep the spray gun pointing directly at the surface in order to get the best results.

In any case, you’ve got to be very creative when using the Paint zoom. The sky is your limit when you succeed in fashioning out your way of using the equipment. There are three spray patterns you can use for Paint Zoom when spraying a surface. These include horizontal, vertical and round patters. You can make use of any of the patterns depending on your creativity level. Always use your senses in order to give the surface quality painting in the end.


Maintaining Your Paint Zoom

The next all important point you need to know in this Paint Zoom review is about the maintenance. Here are some tips that can be of help:

  • Always know that paint and stains are inflammable. Hence, you need to clean your Paint Zoom with great caution.
  • You have to take the spray gun outside and them hose it off
  • Unscrew the paint container and carefully empty the contents into a waiting bucket.
  • Re-attach the container to the spray gun and then use a cleaning solution to spray through the hose and the nozzle. This helps in flushing the entire unit and makes it safe for the next time you intend to use it.
  • You have to dismantle the spay gun by removing the spray pattern alongside with the nozzle. Soak all of them in soapy water and then rinse them well. Then use a dry rag to clean up the entire Paint Zoom unit. This gets it ready for the next task you may have.


When you’re Paint Zoom Develops a Problem

As a machine, Paint Zoom is likely to develop one or two problems as you continue to use it. In most cases, such problems may arise from improper use of the unit or when you overuse it. Well, the good news in this Paint Zoom review is that you can always troubleshoot the problem and get it solved.

Among the common problems you may experience with Paint Zoom include:

  • Improper flow of material
  • Leakage of material
  • Overspray of Material
  • Abrupt Stop of the entire unit


It’s very easy to fix these common problems. When you encounter improper flow of material, all you need is to check if the material is being blocked. It may be that the hoses or tubes are loose. Simply tighten them up. When you encounter leakage of material, it may be that the nozzle seal is worn out. You can easily get it replaced.

When you notice overspray of material, it may be that the spray gun is loose or far from the surface you’re working on. Simply tighten up the spray gun and come closer to the surface.

If the entire unit stops abruptly while you’re using it, the cause may be that the motor is overheated. All you need is to turn the switch to the other way and unplug the unit. You’ll then allow it to cool for 15 to 25 minutes. Within this time, the thermal protection fuse is sure to be reset back to normal position. The motor will also calm down. You can then resume your work.


Finally, let’s end the Paint Zoom review with a word on the warranty. It’s true that the equipment comes with a 1 year warrant for the standard version and 5 years warrant for the Platinum version. still, you can easily void this warranty when you use materials that can wear out the unit. If you want enjoy adequate coverage from the warranty, you need to use the Paint Zoom according to rules explained in this Paint Zoom review.

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