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I’ll Take a Few More Space Bags to Go!Space Bags

When I lost my job a year ago, I realized my family was going to have to move out of our spacious, five bedroom home. I knew, with three kids and another one on the way, and a wife who still is a stay-at-home mom, that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the mortgage payments after my severance pay ran out. So, my wife and I packed up our family and moved into a new home with less than half of the living space our former house had. It was a tight fit right from the start.

My wife wasn’t upset when I lost my job. She wasn’t upset before or during our move, either. It was when the task of cramming the belongings that used to take up nearly 5,000 feet of floor into a house that had just over 2,000 square feet became apparent that she became overwhelmed with depression.

She was so despondent that she spent three consecutive nights watching infomercials into the morning hours. But, that was it. She resumed her regular sleeping pattern on the fourth night. I was relieved beyond description, but curious as to why she had had such a sudden change of mood, too.

That’s when she told me about a commercial she’d seen the night before.

The commercial discussed how using space bags could double the storage space in a person’s home. Even though money was incredibly tight, she admitted to ordering a set of these space saver bags overnight. As far as I was concerned, the cost of a few space bags was well worth the return of my wife’s normally happy state of mind.

I had no idea what I was signing for the day I accepted my wife’s delivery of space saver bags. I just saw something about a space bag on the package’s shipping label, wrote my signature quickly, and called my wife to the entryway of our home. When she saw the spacebag box, she was ecstatic.

Within seconds, she had torn into the shipping box and was holding the space bags she had ordered in her hands. She handed me one space bag, and carried a second space bag in her left hand as she put the remaining ones on the couch in the living room. She ordered me to follow her up to the bedroom two of our kids shared.

With a space bag in her hand, my wife didn’t seem intimidated by the mess that lay at our feet. She instructed me to start putting the kids’ winter clothes in the vacuum storage bag I was holding as she began to systematically sort through clothes appropriate for other seasons.

Four hours later, the kids’ room was neat and orderly. Every stitch of clothing that could not be worn comfortably in the spring was in a space bag. The full space saver bags were stacked in the bedroom closet, leaving plenty of room for the children to play on the floor. It was great to finally see the floor again.

The only problem was that we only had two of the air tight bags left. My wife hurried to use the computer on the kitchen counter and quickly ordered two more sets of space storage bags. Since the space saver bags weren’t supposed to be shipped for two days, I anticipated having a restful evening after our long afternoon of organizing. I was wrong.

My wife informed me that we needed to be ready for when the space bags were delivered. And, after arranging for our kids to sleep over at their grandparents’ home, she and I began to get ready for the vacuum bags.

We folded and separated the clothes in both our bedroom and the one belonging to our oldest child. We washed blankets and down comforters we wouldn’t need until a chill returned to the air in the fall, which was months away. We even freed up so much space in the living room, we had successfully rearranged our furniture before midnight.

When the space saver bags arrived on our doorstep a few days later, I was the one who was ecstatic. I called to my wife and was secretly happy when she said she was on the phone with her mother and that I would have to get started without her. I felt a bit guilty by my selfishness, but not enough to stop me from taking the biggest space bags for my own use.

I started in the master bedroom. I loaded our winter clothes into a big space bag and enjoyed the satisfaction of manually pushing the excess air out of the bag. Next, I stacked our fall clothes into another big space bag, but opted to use the vacuum to suck out any unnecessary air. Then, I moved onto our daughter’s bedroom.

Because we’d prepared days earlier, the task of getting everything into the vacuum bags went much faster this go-around. In fact, I was almost done organizing my eldest child’s room when my wife barged in. I couldn’t believe it, but she was mad! She was actually angry with me for using our space bags without her! She grabbed a single space bag and stormed out of the bedroom muttering obscenities at me! It was funny because I would’ve reacted the same way had she done all of that work without me. It’s just really gratifying to see the air get sucked out of these space saver bags and to realize how much space you’ll finally be able to enjoy at the same time.

Months later, all I can tell you is that our current home is much, much larger now than it was when we purchased it. We didn’t need to add-on to gain additional space. We simply used the space bags my wife happened to notice while watching a late-night marathon of infomercials. Even with a fourth child in the house now, these bags continue to allow us to live comfortably and avoid being on top of each other or our things. Of course, we’ve had to order plenty more of these space storage bags since getting our first and second deliveries, even though they are reusable, but they are worth it. They’ve enabled this house to become our home.


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