Flex Seal reviews

Learning Something from the Flex Seal reviews – My Flex Seal Adventure

Flex Seal reviews

Flex Seal reviews

I have a happy addition to the Flex Seal reviews which were so helpful to me before I tried the product. The Flex Seal liquid rubber sealant has become an unexpected staple in my household. A victim of the faltering economy, my family has faced some serious financial challenges lately.
When I discovered water dripping into my spare bedroom from the ceiling, I was horrified. I knew that I was probably going to need roof repair. I immediately called my insurance company and prepared myself for the worst. The roof was inspected and the damage evaluated; I soon had a roof repair estimate, but the deductible was not something I could afford at the time.

I had to do something, so I considered hiring a local handyman for a temporary fix. However, even his estimate was too much for my limited budget. A friend mentioned that he had seen some Flex Seal reviews on the internet. He believed that the product would work well as an interim roof sealant, so he urged me to try it. I decided to look for more information online, and soon found quite a few Flex Seal reviews myself. I had never used any kinds of roof coatings or rubber seals before, and I was a little skeptical that this idea might be a waste of time and money. However, when I found that the product was priced very reasonably, I felt that I had little to lose and decided to give it a chance. Initially, I did not know where to buy Flex Seal, but a quick online search led me to a two-for-one special that I could not refuse.

I soon had two cans of the Flex Seal liquid rubber delivered to my door, and I was very excited and hopeful that I could fix my roof disaster myself. Fortunately, there came a rare dry day after two solid weeks of rainstorms. According to the can, Flexseal can be applied as a roof sealer even if it is raining, but I preferred the safety of a dry ladder.
The climb up to the roof was the most difficult part of the process. Once I got over my fear of falling to my death, I was able to test the validity of a liquid rubber solution. I shook the can as directed, and was surprised to find that it sprayed very evenly and was easy to apply.

I lightly sprayed the entire leaky area with the Flex Seal spray, which goes on solid black. I had read that rubber sealant is easily painted over, but my roof is a dark color so it was barely visible anyway. I allowed the first coat of roof sealer to dry overnight.
The next morning I climbed the ladder again and found the surface completely dry. The finish looked smooth and stable. I reapplied the spray, allowed it to dry for a few hours, and then gave the work a final check. Everything looked good. The real test would be the next rainy day, and this was due within the week.

I never had to climb that ladder again. It has rained at least twenty times since, and there has been no more leaking from my roof. I was able to confidently repair the wall and repaint the bedroom where the water damage had occurred, since the roof experience had given me new confidence in my abilities. This product did exactly what it said it would, and saved me hundreds of dollars. Based on my experience and what I have seen in the other reviews, the rubber roof sealant is strong enough to last for years. If I have another leak, I feel very certain that I can now fix it by myself. I’m not even worried about the insurance deductible on my roof replacement anymore. Hopefully the economy will be better before I ever have to deal with it, if I ever have to at all.

Since it did such a great job on the roof, I decided to try the spray for some other household repairs. I had seen demonstrations of various uses for the product when I was looking for Flex Seal reviews. I have now used the spray to fix a leaky garden hose, stop a small leak in a sink pipe, and seal up a drafty window. I was concerned about the window looking obvious, but once I touched it up with the original trim paint, no one would ever know there had been a repair.

One thing that I tried wasn’t from a Flex Seal review. I have an old plastic toy piggy bank that was given to me by my grandmother when I was a kid. It isn’t worth any money, but it’s a memory from my childhood. I was saddened that the plastic had been disintegrating over the past few years and felt that soon it might just crumble completely. I thought that because the Flex Seal spray was rubber, it might hold the pieces together better than something stiff and inflexible like super glue. I took the toy outside, and carefully sprayed the hollow interior. I only sprayed the inside because I did not want to change the appearance of the exterior. It worked like a charm. The bank is now stable. Although you can see where it was starting to crack on the outside, the Flex Seal liquid rubber sealant is holding it together from the inside, and there have been no more new cracks. I suspect this idea would work for many different types of small projects, since the versatility of the product is almost limitless.

Some of the Flex Seal reviews mention using it on pottery, steel, glass, aluminum and various other surfaces. In my experience, it seems to be perfectly stable on every surface!

I have seen no cracking, peeling, flaking or any sign of wear in places where I have used it. I wish I could thank everyone who left all the helpful Flex Seal reviews. I add my own in the hopes that others can discover how convenient and functional this product is.

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