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I’ll Take a Few More Space Bags to Go!Space Bags

When I lost my job a year ago, I realized my family was going to have to move out of our spacious, five bedroom home. I knew, with three kids and another one on the way, and a wife who still is a stay-at-home mom, that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the mortgage payments after my severance pay ran out. So, my wife and I packed up our family and moved into a new home with less than half of the living space our former house had. It was a tight fit right from the start.

My wife wasn’t upset when I lost my job. She wasn’t upset before or during our move, either. It was when the task of cramming the belongings that used to take up nearly 5,000 feet of floor into a house that had just over 2,000 square feet became apparent that she became overwhelmed with depression.

She was so despondent that she spent three consecutive nights watching infomercials into the morning hours. But, that was it. She resumed her regular sleeping pattern on the fourth night. I was relieved beyond description, but curious as to why she had had such a sudden change of mood, too.

That’s when she told me about a commercial she’d seen the night before.

The commercial discussed how using space bags could double the storage space in a person’s home. Even though money was incredibly tight, she admitted to ordering a set of these space saver bags overnight. As far as I was concerned, the cost of a few space bags was well worth the return of my wife’s normally happy state of mind.

I had no idea what I was signing for the day I accepted my wife’s delivery of space saver bags. I just saw something about a space bag on the package’s shipping label, wrote my signature quickly, and called my wife to the entryway of our home. When she saw the spacebag box, she was ecstatic.

Within seconds, she had torn into the shipping box and was holding the space bags she had ordered in her hands. She handed me one space bag, and carried a second space bag in her left hand as she put the remaining ones on the couch in the living room. She ordered me to follow her up to the bedroom two of our kids shared.

With a space bag in her hand, my wife didn’t seem intimidated by the mess that lay at our feet. She instructed me to start putting the kids’ winter clothes in the vacuum storage bag I was holding as she began to systematically sort through clothes appropriate for other seasons.

Four hours later, the kids’ room was neat and orderly. Every stitch of clothing that could not be worn comfortably in the spring was in a space bag. The full space saver bags were stacked in the bedroom closet, leaving plenty of room for the children to play on the floor. It was great to finally see the floor again.

The only problem was that we only had two of the air tight bags left. My wife hurried to use the computer on the kitchen counter and quickly ordered two more sets of space storage bags. Since the space saver bags weren’t supposed to be shipped for two days, I anticipated having a restful evening after our long afternoon of organizing. I was wrong.

My wife informed me that we needed to be ready for when the space bags were delivered. And, after arranging for our kids to sleep over at their grandparents’ home, she and I began to get ready for the vacuum bags.

We folded and separated the clothes in both our bedroom and the one belonging to our oldest child. We washed blankets and down comforters we wouldn’t need until a chill returned to the air in the fall, which was months away. We even freed up so much space in the living room, we had successfully rearranged our furniture before midnight.

When the space saver bags arrived on our doorstep a few days later, I was the one who was ecstatic. I called to my wife and was secretly happy when she said she was on the phone with her mother and that I would have to get started without her. I felt a bit guilty by my selfishness, but not enough to stop me from taking the biggest space bags for my own use.

I started in the master bedroom. I loaded our winter clothes into a big space bag and enjoyed the satisfaction of manually pushing the excess air out of the bag. Next, I stacked our fall clothes into another big space bag, but opted to use the vacuum to suck out any unnecessary air. Then, I moved onto our daughter’s bedroom.

Because we’d prepared days earlier, the task of getting everything into the vacuum bags went much faster this go-around. In fact, I was almost done organizing my eldest child’s room when my wife barged in. I couldn’t believe it, but she was mad! She was actually angry with me for using our space bags without her! She grabbed a single space bag and stormed out of the bedroom muttering obscenities at me! It was funny because I would’ve reacted the same way had she done all of that work without me. It’s just really gratifying to see the air get sucked out of these space saver bags and to realize how much space you’ll finally be able to enjoy at the same time.

Months later, all I can tell you is that our current home is much, much larger now than it was when we purchased it. We didn’t need to add-on to gain additional space. We simply used the space bags my wife happened to notice while watching a late-night marathon of infomercials. Even with a fourth child in the house now, these bags continue to allow us to live comfortably and avoid being on top of each other or our things. Of course, we’ve had to order plenty more of these space storage bags since getting our first and second deliveries, even though they are reusable, but they are worth it. They’ve enabled this house to become our home.


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Pasta Boat Review


An honest Pasta Boat review

Pasta Boat review

Pasta Boat review

If you are a person who is looking for a device that will help you cook fast meals without using multiple cooking pots and will accommodate your busy schedule, then you have definitely found one the best Pasta Boat review article. This article will guide you through an exhaustive Pasta Boat review and experiences that different people have had while using the Pasta Boat, where you can find and purchase the Pasta Boat and different benefits and features that the Pasta Boat has to offer. The Pasta Boat is a very handy device that makes it possible for you to prepare pasta in the fastest way possible by just using a microwave. This article however will only serve as a review of the product and will educate you on the benefits and features that it has to offer. If you would like more information about the product that has not been highlighted in this Pasta Boat review, then visit the products official website online. If you are wondering what a Pasta Boat is, then worry no more because it will be clearly defined in this article. A Pasta Boat is a cooker that enables you to cook pasta in the microwave. This creative device can also be used as a strainer, a server and a storage device for the kitchen. The boat has also made it possible to cook, strain and serve pasta using just a microwave for this. Left over food can also be stored in the freezer using this container. You can even extend the cooking to rice and steam vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes etc as some people use it. Any Pasta Boat review I have read is usually truly good and will definitely encourage you to go and get one if you are a person who does not like cooking very much.

Any article that focuses on Pasta Boat review including this one cannot fail to mention the benefits that are accompanied with the continued use of the boat. The benefits are numerous and include:

  • This cooker makes cooking very efficient and good due to the fact that it redistributes heat very evenly to all the pasta.
  • It is accompanied with a Pasta Boat recipe book which has instructions on how to prepare pasta and steam vegetables using the boat.
  • It also comes with a strainer lid which makes straining of the pasta very easy and fast.
  • The handle that the boat comes with will assist you to measure out perfect pasta portions without having second thoughts.
  • If you have any leftovers, you can store them in the fridge or freezer using the same Pasta Boat and reheat them using the microwave. This will reduce the number of dishes you use and thus saving you a lot of cleaning work.
  • It certainly makes pasta cooking very enjoyable and simple even if you have little time or you don’t enjoy cooking at all.
  • You have reduced cleaning time after cooking due to the fact that you use only one container that you put in the microwave.
  • All type of pasta can be made using this boat including macaroni, penne, shells and rigatoni. Whole food pasta and gluten free pasta can also be prepared with this container.
  • When cooking using the cooker, s no breaking up of stuffed pasta or lasagna while cooking will be noticed.
  • Cleaning it requires less time because it is very easy to maintain and can always use fewer dishes thus your overall cleaning time is reduced.
  • The container can accommodate a large capacity of food due to its size thus you can serve a large number of people.
  • It is a multipurpose container that can become quite handy in the kitchen because of its straining, serving and storage capabilities.
  • Vegetable steaming using the microwave is also an added benefit when it comes to the container.
  • It is quite time efficient and allows you to multitask because you really don’t need to watch the pasta as it cooks. You just put the Pasta Boat with the pasta in the microwave and set the timer. The cooker and microwave will do the rest and alert you when the meal is ready.

The microwave Pasta Boat makes cooking pasta a very easy and fast process. The Pasta Boat instructions and timing that accompany the container during purchase will guide you as you cook your pasta. You are required to condition your boat to prepare pasta by putting water in it and microwaving the water. Once that has been done, you perform the following simple steps so as to ensure that your dish is ready for eating. These steps include:

  • Put your favorite pasta in the boat.
  • Add water to the pasta using the serving line. It is better to add hot water so as to significantly reduce the cooking time.
  • Place the Pasta Boat in the microwave without the lid and set the timer.
  • Once the timer has timed out, strain the pasta and serve it. It will normally take you between 18-20 minutes to prepare your pasta using this method.

If you are wondering whether the boat really works, you should stop wondering immediately because it does. It cooks rice and pasta quite well. Generally, Pasta Boat complaints are not common at all. In fact Pasta Boat reviews from most users have testified to being quite satisfied with the services that this container has to offer. Some of the problems that you may come across when using the container is that it may be too big for your microwave so you need a big enough microwave that the container can fit in. The container might also leak in your microwave but this is not a big issue because all you need to do is remove the glass and clean the microwave.

In conclusion, the Pasta Boat can be bought from your local stores and other web sites like but the best and most effective place to buy in terms of cost is the official website where you stand a chance of benefiting from their special offers. Most users complain of ordering problems, delays in shipping and extra charges when you order. This Pasta Boat review is a bit more detailed than most Pasta Boat reviews and will help you make a decision.

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Orgreenic Review

An honest Orgreenic review 

Orgreenic review

Orgreenic review

If you are looking for a natural, non-stick and non-toxic cookware that is green then look no further because you have found the article that will give you a good description of one and where you can find it.

This article will serve as an Orgreenic review and will look at Orgreenic cookware and its advantages to the user together with its benefits and where you can purchase it from.

It will also assist you to confirm the TV infomercials for the Orgreenic cookware. This article will also cover Orgreenic reviews that will help you make decisions about whether to order the product or whether your money is worth saving for other things or for a better product.

This article however will only serve as an Orgreenic review and more information can be found on the Orgreenic official website.

Most of you are probably wondering what Orgreenic is. Orgreenic is a ceramic cookware provider who provides natural, healthy, non-stick fraying pans which are ceramic in nature. Food that is prepared using the Orgreenic pan does not stick thus results in meals that are prepared in a more healthy way while using very little cooking oil or fat. The fact that the food does not stick on the pan makes it easier to transfer the food to a dish thus providing you with an opportunity to go green with the cookware that you are using. The Orgreenic cookware provides its user with a modern cooking method that ensures your food is prepared very fast and is of the highest quality. The ceramic coating which is non toxic and non stick is a design that is patented and is what ensures the user that food does not stick on the bottom or side of the pan thus making the cleaning very simple.

The benefits and features of the Orgreenic that should be mentioned even in this Orgreenic review include:

  • The Orgreenic pan has a convenient handle that is ergonomically suitable and stays cool thus increasing your comfort levels when handling it and ultimately prevents burns.
  • Less or even no oil can be used to prepare the food due to the non stick nature of the cookware. This is also an advantage to your health goals. Cooking becomes easy and fast and cleaning even more effortless.
  • The non toxic ceramic coating that the cookware has prevents it from chipping or peeling. The non toxic nature also highlights the safety with which this appliance is associated with when it comes to food preparation.
  • It is very easy to move food from the cooking pot to the serving plate due to its characteristic non-stick nature. This also prevents food from sticking to the surface of the pan when cooking.
  • The natural ceramic material that the cookware has is proof that there are no harmful PFOA.
  • The Orgreenic cookware is made of material that is aluminum core which is coated with ceramic and this makes it very durable.
  • One of the Orgreenic review that stand out is that it is probably the safest cookware to use when preparing healthy food and practicing a healthier cooking style. This is because it does not flake, chip or emit toxic gases while being used.
  • Frequent scrubbing of the Orgreenic cookware is not required so as to keep it in good condition. The non stick feature makes it fast and easy to wash.
  • Another Orgreenic review that is quite useful is that the cookware can withstand very high temperatures without producing any toxic fumes of food sticking on it.
  • The cookware will certainly make you enjoy cooking because it is very easy to use especially those who are not hard cooking fans.

One thing that the Orgreenic cookware does is that it delivers on its promise. All the Orgreenic kitchenware reviews say that there is no Orgreenic scam. All the products that Orgreenic have are very reliable and they have been tried and tested to work and deliver on the above benefits and features. The pan will definitely work effectively even after being used for a long time. This is because the Orgreenic cookware set is designed with a surface that is ceramic in nature and those who understand ceramics know that they can withstand very high temperatures without emitting substances that are dangerous. They also heat up much faster than the other cookware materials and they retain heat longer than most cookware pans. Ceramics have been used for years in cooking good food that cooks evenly and does not stick on the pan.

Orgreenic cookware reviews are very many and can be found all over the internet. Those people who have tried the Orgreenic kitchenware products say that they are actually very good and that they work exactly the way it is described by the manufacturers. It does increase the speed with which you cook and it also makes cooking much safer and healthier. The food comes off the pan effortlessly due to non stick and this makes the cleaning easier according to the Orgreenic review from experienced customers. Some of the negative Orgreenic reviews include poor customer service and sales tactics which are unorthodox and also reduced efficiency after continuous use of the product. These are in fact the only complaints that users have had about the product. There is a recommended way that you can improve your Orgreenic cookware if you notice it failing. You can season it with vegetable oil and repeat this seasoning twice in a year so as to keep the pan in good condition.

In conclusion, the Orgreenic cookware comes with instructions on how to use it. Follow them and you will definitely use the cookware in the way that it is required. When you order the cookware, you get the natural ceramic non stick cookware set that fit your specifications, a free bonus food chopper, an Orgreenic cookbook with different recipes to try with your acquired cookware set. This is certainly one of the safest ways to cook nowadays. The cookware can be ordered online from sites like and many more.

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